Ericsson initiates “5G-ConnectedMobility”, a 5G research & development project with cross-industry consortium on the "Digital Test Field Motorway" in Germany.

5G-ConnectedMobility creates a dedicated network infrastructure and application environment for 5G analysis and testing in real-time for Vehicle-to-vehicle, Vehicle-to-infrastructure, and Railway-to-infrastructure. The project is based on a test track of approx. 30 km along the A9 motorway and a high speed railway track between Nuremberg-Feucht and Greding in Bavaria, Germany. Founding Members of the “5G-ConnectedMobility” consortium are Ericsson, BMW Group, Deutsche Bahn, the three German mobile network operators with Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica Deutschland and Vodafone, the TU Dresden 5G Lab Germany, the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) and the Federal Regulatory Agency (BNetzA). The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure and the Bavarian Road Construction Administration support the project.

The objective is to accelerate 5G Research & Development (R&D) in Germany and in Europe as well as facilitating the integration of technology requirements from various industries into upcoming international 5G standardization activities.